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All you should know about long clip in hair extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

So many women are dreaming about beautiful long hair and so many women torture them with numerous care procedures to grow their hair. Surprisingly, a lot of these ladies know about clip-in hair extensions, but ignore the opportunity to give these accessories a try, because of the ‘disastrous consequences’ wearing the clips could bring. Today we are going to bust several deeply rooted myths and focus on the real state of affairs around natural hair extensions.

So many ladies are convinced that long clip in hair extensions are absolutely impractical. Well, as long as you purchase the right product, made of natural, quality raw material, you can be absolutely sure it will last for at least a year. If you wear long hair extensions occasionally and follow the basic rules and recommendations, it is very likely that the lifespan could be expanded to 1.5 – 2 years. And a single investment in a product that enables to customize your hairstyle that greatly has nothing to do with the waste of money. Long and beautiful hair will always be trending. At the same time you will be able to experiment with hairstyles whenever you want – your imagination is almost the only limit.

Attaching clip-in extensions is a complicated, time consuming process that requires at least one assistant – ideally, a stylist. That’s another statement that is not supported by facts. Yes, you might visit the stylist for a master class, but only for the first time. There’s no doubt you will figure out how to fix the clip-ins really quickly. As a rule, fixing the clip-ins takes just a couple of minutes and 15 minutes maximum if you are after something really sophisticated. If you are planning to use hair extensions on a regular basis, you will master this skill further and will easily attach them in a few minutes like a professional.

The purpose of hair strands is to give the visual length of your hair. It is so, but the function of quality extensions is not limited to it. Of course, the rapid transformation in the long-haired beauty is one of the main purposes of hairpieces, but beyond that, they perfectly solve the problem with density. You can also use natural hair extensions to accentuate your hairstyle: you can paint the extensions and play with contrasts, as well as discover a variety of new hair combs.

‘Where can i get hair extensions? Definitely, not on the web: shopping for clip-in hair online is a waste of time and money’. If you don’t know where to get hair extensions of decent quality, don’t jump on the random shop. Drop in at Deluxe Extensions – a reputable supplier of stunning quality products made of top quality Slavic raw material. Wondering where to get clip in hair extensions with full refund guarantee and more than just affordable price? Deluxe Extensions is the answer. Throughout years we have gathered hundreds of positive reviews and built remarkable reputation. You will love the way we do things. Just give us a try.

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