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Black clip in hair extensions and everything you should know about them

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Perhaps, the fastest and safest way to create original hairstyles is using brunette, blonde and black clip in hair extensions. Capsule method of extending hair takes too much time, effort and money. And if you need to act immediately, you can always take advantage of overhead hair extensions. This type of hair ‘tuning’ is a harmless beauty procedure in fact. You can change your style in minutes regardless of whether you are wearing short or long hair: you can create a new image with the new volume, length, or even completely different style, accentuated by colored strands.

At Deluxe Extensions you can choose from a rich selection of top quality products, and rare blond and black hair extensions. We run our production process from the bottom to the top, and we prefer to work with the finest quality raw materials, which are Slavic hair in our case. As one of the pioneers of mass extensions manufacturing, we have been experimenting with dozens of materials and production techniques. And in the end of the day we arrive at a conclusion that Slavic hair is still far ahead of its competition. Rich colors in conjunction with smoothness and fantastic durability, Slavic black hair extensions work perfectly where other models tend fail – painting and coloring. That’s why buying black hair extensions almost guarantees you can subject them to virtually any types of experiments.

Black hair extensions have a larger thickness against the background of light, blonde and ginger hair types. You can expect almost identical to your own hair behaviour from clip-in extensions. Therefore, you should keep in mind the properties of typical to black hair – for example, they could be perfect for coloring, but not really good for curling. When selecting black human hair extensions you should also take into account their weight, which would be heavier than in any other types of extensions. As for the other styling procedures, you can safely play around and experiment with your looks – your creativity is almost the only limit.

When considering black hair extensions you will definitely want to choose from natural products. Yes, you can get a lot of artificially crafted models, but their lifespan rarely exceeds 8-12 events, not to mention that you are strictly limited on styling options. Natural black hair extensions at Deluxe Extensions can easily serve you a couple of years with the proper care, which doesn’t actually take much effort. The rapid process of attaching hair extensions that takes just minutes is something that you will definitely love. And the quality we offer leaves nothing to be desired at all. Almost complete absence of ‘contraindications’ for use, means you can stick to your active lifestyle, even if you are planning to visit a pool or sauna. Compared to the beauty salon visits, the price of clip in extensions is at least 2-3 times lower, making this solution a super choice in the long run.

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