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Choosing cheap clip in human hair extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

In cheap hair extensions the strand and the curls are designed to replace natural curls. This method is considered to be sufficiently fast and simple, and the qualitative effect can be observed after a 5 – 10 minutes procedure. Quality, yet cheap human hair extensions will give your curls native natural beauty and charm. Clip ins allow everyone to have the so much desired hair length and volume. And the ease of use can help any girl give the sophisticated accent to the image – whether it is a special occasion or Friday night out. Cheap clip in hair extensions sales are on the rise in Paris, Milan and Los Angeles, because of their magnificent effect and unprecedented affordability, so why not give this magic tool a try?

Find the description on how to attach clips in regular cheap extensions to press for the irresistible look.

First of all you need to comb your hair properly, so your own hair is smooth. Next, along the entire circumference of the surface of the head it is necessary to perform a horizontal parting, using for this purpose a comb or your finger. Separate strands on top and bottom, and then start from 1.5 inches from above the right ear, and then continue along the back of the head, ending at around 1.5 inches above the left ear.
For greater smoothness ask your partner to hold the mirror for you. The upper half of the strands must be clipped to the top of the head so that they do not interfere with you during the procedure. The lower part of the hair is divided into small strands, and then curled up into a tight curl. Open all the clips on the overhead strands used for lining. The clip is attached to the hair in the middle and in the center of the parting, under the hair. Next comes the clip closed to secure the holding of surface-material. The right hand holds the middle clip on the hold position and the left at this time pulls the left side of overhead strands. The left clip is also attached slightly lower of the level of the parting.

The same procedure should be followed with the right side superimposed strands, thus do not forget to hold the middle clip with your left hand. Slide your finger along the top of the overhead clips so as to check the reliability of the clip fastening.
It is worth noting that toupees should always adhere to the surface of the head, and if this doesn’t work, then try to pull the surface material, and then fasten the clips again. And that’s it. Cheap hair extensions clip in work almost identically.

Cheap remy hair extensions attached with this kind of technology allow wearing the strands for around one year, shorter curls can be used for around 2 years. Your initial hair keeps up to three months, after which it will need updating a correcting procedure. Of course, the frequency of correction depends on the speed of regrowth of native strands and quality care for them. Determining the timing is quite simple: if the border between the patch and your own hair becomes prominent, you need to visit the beauty salon. It should be noted that the correction procedure is not a big deal, and for its implementation you may not necessarily need special devices and appliances, such as removers, specialized solutions and the like.

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