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Choosing the best curly human hair extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

There is a good number of ways to have elegant, irresistible comb, and the torturing growing of your hair is not absolutely necessary. The easiest and cheapest option is to turn clip-in extensions into use. Currently, the most common length of clip in extensions ranges from 30 to 65 cm and is available in a broad variety of options, where straight and curly hair extensions just start the list. The clip-in extensions are very easy to use – both attach and remove.

When considering curly extensions, pay close attention to remy products, if you are looking for an expensive look, trouble-free long term and safety. This category can be divided into several subgroups of producers by the country.

While European clip-ins are expensive, Japanese models are rare and Chinese products’ quality is going through the floor, Russian clip-in extensions could be the right option that embraced the perfect balance of price, quality and reliability. At Deluxe Extensions, for example, we offer a long range of hair extensions for curly hair
that has not previously been subjected to dyeing or damaging processing. And we gather a variety of colors and shades, size options and structure products, so finding the right curly human hair extensions fit is easier than you can imagine.

Curly clip in hair extensions require special care, just like your own hair. Besides, they are exactly the same speed soiled. The speed of this process each person individually. It all depends on how you operate the sebaceous glands of the head. This should be considered when worn. Just some difficulty is the curling or the other way around, straightening wavy strands.

False hair with clips made of natural curls can be damaged like real hair. You can definitely go ahead and paint your clip in extension, but you cannot be sure that the result would be the same as in case of your hair (you are dealing with the real hair, and the reaction is individual). However, you may find the products carrying a label, which says that these strands are ‘good for painting’ – this should give you extra confidence. Hair clip-ins should better be washed with the shampoo with a high content of keratin. This will replace the natural feeding, which they had previously from the roots. Extra care is desirable and in many cases it is even required, as without processing clip-in may become dull and brittle. This way or the other, on average curly hair extensions clip in is good to use for around 12 – 24 months.

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