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From basic 18 inch hair extensions to luxurious 50” clip ins

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Luxury hair requires extremely careful and meticulous care. Women grow their hair for years, sparing them using organic paints, use castor oil and yolk balsams, do not skimp on shampoos and conditioners. But sooner or later, in almost each woman lady wearing long hair emerges an unbridled desire to radically change everything. Those who have long hair want them to cut immediately, while those wearing short haircuts are working hard to grow them – the dilemma will always be there. But fortunately for many, beauty industry has came with a stunning solution – clip-in extensions.

According to legend, the first extensions were used by Queen Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Today one can make use of extremely handy and comfortable to wear strands, available in hundreds of shades, forms and colors, the product lineups range from 16 inch hair extensions to 30 inch hair extensions and even longer. A broad variety of pins and clip-ins are constantly improved and modernized: for example, 26 inch hair extensions weight a lot, but for really comfortable use they come with special silicone linings protecting the hair.

The market of hair extensions is largely represented by the following hair types:
Slavic hair. The lineups are dominated by rich, natural colors. These hair types are often considered to be the best raw materials, due to their wonderful silky texture and natural luster; quality clip-in extensions made of slavic hair are never subjected to chemical treatment. At Deluxe Extensions we bet on stunning quality, that’s why we make a choice in favour of Russian raw materials. With long years of experience under the belt and as a result of years of experiments and statistics, we have arrived at a decision to work with Slavic hair, and since we have switched to this direction, the customer satisfaction has jumped up really quickly. Our most popular 24 inch hair extensions and 22 inch hair extensions have cut the refunds by 19% to form just 6% in total.

Asian hair. As a rule, asian hair extensions are cheaper than slavic, yet their quality is lower. This type is almost always subjected to staining and chemical treatment.
Remy hair. This modern design includes treated strands in which each hair cuticles are all facing in the same direction, which allows to achieve great manageability.
As for the structure, slavic extensions are heavier, but softer, Asian hair is thinner, but lighter, and eastern extensions tend to be hard and dense at the same time.
Choosing the shade is as essential as choosing the length. When selecting the shade you should be guided by the shade of your tips – transitions between natural hair and clipped-in extensions is, perhaps, the only thing that may reveal your secret. Therefore, the difference between, let’s say, 20 inch hair extensions and 18 inch hair extensions is insignificant from monetary standpoint. But it could be crucial for your image. A decent choice guarantees a perfect look. Spending some time for visiting a specialized store, beauty salon or at least consulting online is always a wise decision. If the desired shade is still not there, then you may want to give a try to a coloring shampoo trick – align the entire head of hair color as a whole.

100% remy hair
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