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Hair extensions for short hair is the tiny trick you will totally love

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Thousands of women are dreaming about long, rich hair as the latest fashion tendencies are back to the classics – long beautiful hair is super-trendy again. Yes, you can grow your own hair, but this requires a lot of time and long hours of care weekly, so it’s a decent option as long as you are ready to torture yourself with all those time-consuming procedures. But what about those who want to have long curls at the graduation or wedding party that’s scheduled for… next few weeks? Taking advantage of an affordable, super effective alternative is definitely the way to go – blond hair extensions, brown hair extensions kits and a long range of other products are at your service.

One of the main advantages of artificial hair barrettes is that by buying them, you can change your hairstyle yourself whenever you want it, without costly visits to beauty salons and long hours in front of the mirror. Using hair extensions is a decent alternative to tape in hair that is attached with hot/cold techniques – at Deluxe Extensions the price range for such products starts from as low as $140, and their quality leaves nothing to be desired (we work with finest Slavic raw materials and so confident in its reliability that we provide a 15 days full refund with no questions on our side). Drop in at our website for the best dark brown hair extensions and hair extensions for fine hair.

Good hair extensions made of natural material is absolutely safe to wear: the clips are made of metal and covered with silicone to protect your head skin and follicles from damage. And modern manufacturers produce a broad variety of hair shades, so that each woman can find a perfect match. Some people prefer to make a choice in favour of artificial hair, because of their dirty cheap price, but this is where you have to be aware of numerous weak points, such as: complexity of care – the care for these products is difficult and time consuming, and if you don’t follow the long list of rules, an artificial kit will no longer be wearable after a couple of uses; poor style customization – artificial hair cannot be painted, ironed and processed with certain materials; attachment points – such clips can be attached to certain areas of head, as otherwise they will be seen; limited choice – blond hair extensions, brown hair extensions, white hair extensions – all of the colors that look naturally in reality a somewhat different in artificial products, so you risk to give away your secret.

It is not recommended to wear clip-in hair extensions when you go to very high humidity sauna or pool – by doing so you are decreasing their lifespan and increase the risk of damage. However, if any of the above cannot be avoided, you should better wear a cap, as thus you will be able to make the extension last longer.

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