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How much do hair extensions cost? Answers here.

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

In 2016 long beautiful hair is on the peak of popularity. Rich looking hair are weaved in braids, collected in curls decorated with beautiful beams, lot’s of women wears long hair loose… The variations of creating hairstyles from owners of long curls are numerous. So many of today’s young ladies are willing to do anything to quickly grow a hair to the waist. However, as is known, to achieve the required result naturally you will need from 1 to 3 years depending on the initial length of the hair. But you can go another way and get a chic comb in literally minutes. Your magic trick is is a popular hair extension procedure. And it’s not going to be a one-time money waste – long hair will always be trendy and the lifespan of hair extensions equals one year of regular use. Thus, if you dream about long hair to do a variety of hairstyles, but do not want to do the usual build-up of strands, the clip-in hair extensions could become one of your favourite accessories. So let’s find out the differences between these strands of extension of the locks. What is a hair barrette? It features a detachable design of the strands of hair that can be worn on special occasions or everyday use. If you are going to play sports or visit the pool, then simply unclip the locks – and you are ready to go. Overhead strands give extra volume to hair. Moreover, they can be painted and styled just like your own hair.

If you are looking for hair extensions online, it is better to give preference to trusted manufacturers that take advantage of natural hair. Then you can paint, pull and twist the strands with no fear of damaging. So, first of all you need to decide the length of your future comb. At Deluxe Extensions you can order human hair extensions online as sets or separate items. Considering buying sets is always a smart option because the kits contain strands of different lengths and typically give a better look. They can be fastened to the temporal and occipital part of the head. Also, when choosing online hair extensions, pay close attention to the shade – the smooth transition from your hair to hair extension guarantees a totally natural look.

Securing the overhead hair barrette is a quick and easy procedure – you can cope with it without any help. This is the essential difference between clip-in strands and the ones attached with hot or cold techniques. Start fixing the extension from the back, climbing higher to the top. Widest strands are arranged on the back of your head. But in the temporal part it is better to use narrower strands, which can be closed by a layer of the hair. To keep nice curls, your hair strand should first have to be combed from the roots, sprinkled with varnish and have a hairpin fixed later on. If you belong to the happy owners of wavy hair, clip ins will fit super comfortably – in this case just don’t forget to put them off when you go to bed to avoid any damages.

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