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Long hair extensions have never been that accessible

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Long hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among both young girls and ladies – that’s the result of their accessibility and stunning style customization features. With the price range for top quality long human hair extensions starting from just $140 and the average 2 years lifespan of such a product trigger a huge demand. At Deluxe Extensions we not only offer thousands of women across the globe to look awesome and experiment with their styles, but also educate ladies on how to create their best looks with clip in wefts. In this article we will focus on the most frequent questions on long clip in hair extensions – from the basics to the tricky cases, you will definitely want to read this article before placing an order online. So here we go.

What will happen if I wear clip in hair extensions in extreme weather conditions?
Well, clip-in extensions can sustain the same weather conditions as your own hair, so if we are talking about excessively hot or cold weather, there’s nothing to worry about. One of our clients was wearing clip-in extensions for long hair in a theme park when riding roller-coaster – she reached us before even placing an order. Our recommendation was to use the kit instead of a single strand to press for better fixation and make a choice in favour of non-fluffy combs. We have reached out to Katherine a week after her planned visit and she was so happy and thankful, noting that her hair was sitting super-tightly and she had no issues at all.

Can I put my hair extension in water to deal with tangled hair?
Your plan is likely to be doomed to failure, and it may even lead to damage of the extension. You should better try to use a detangling spray to simplify the mission – feel free to use any brand that works with your own hair.

Should I store my clip in extensions hanged?
Well, there’s no crucial difference between storing your extensions in a box or special package as long as it doesn’t tangle. Naturally, storing your extensions hanged is less likely to cause tangles, but make sure that you are not subjecting the clip in mechanisms to constant pressure.

I don’t like how your extensions sit on me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?
Well, first of all you may want to consult a professional to make sure that you are attaching the strands correctly. If it is your first experience with clip-in extensions, the odds are good that you might be pushing too hard with the clips, or fixing them in the wrong places. If that doesn’t help, you can always take advantage of our refund policy – we return the full amount paid within 15 days and ask no questions.

Where can I get fully custom extensions?
Producing a fully custom product is a resource-intensive task, and the internet is yet not oozing with such options. This way or the other, you can contact our support and ask whether your plan can be implemented at our manufacturing facilities.

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