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Rich collection of remy human hair clip in extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Every woman desires to be attractive and desirable. And the integral part of any image of a gorgeous women includes is healthy long and thick hair. Unfortunately,  the nature doesn’t grant this asset to everyone. However, one can always take advantage of an excellent alternative – remy hair extensions, a modern approach to creating a unique image.

In recent years the popularity of remy clip in hair extensions is going from strength to strength, as more and more women make a choice in favour of this magic style enhancement trick.

Remy clip in hair extensions are made of natural hair, carefully applied from the roots of the hair: at a distance of 0.2-0.4 inches specialist secures a thin strand of hair, which is selected according to your natural structure and color. A strand is fastened through a tiny capsule, which is subsequently unnoticeable even to a curious eye. Clip in remy hair extensions require more careful job when securing it as it might be more visible and less stable in motion. However, remy hair clip in extensions blow away the competition with a totally affordable pricing: remy human hair clip in extensions would be at least 25-30% cheaper and less time-consuming option. Importantly, the lifespan of clip in hair extensions remy of decent quality is longer than in non-clip technology.

Remy human hair extensions provide you not only with the desired length, but volume as well. Remy extensions from seasoned providers guarantee finest quality and natural hair look that leaves simply nothing to be desired. Apart from remy hair extensions clip in, there is a bunch of technologies that are currently used by beauty specialists.

Hot technology method lies in the fact that the capsule resin with donor strand of natural hair is first heated and then attached to the hair with the help of special devices. Recent developments now make it possible to achieve the best melting point – small enough to your own hair so it is not subjected to any damages, but sufficient enough for mounting protection capsules. With hair that backfilled using this technology, you can afford to attend even a sauna with no risks of ruining the comb.

Apart from remy clip in human hair extensions method, hot Italian hair extensions attaching technology is trending today. The procedure is performed in such a way – to your hair strands attached to ready stackable hair bases represented by keratin capsule. Keratin is the substance itself has high adhesive capacity, and therefore is used as a fastening means well. Since keratin is similar in composition to human hair, it is absolutely harmless.

One of the major tech providers for such a method is So.Cap.Original company, supplying a variety of electric devices, making the process accessible and safe.

Cold technology doesn’t include heating when attaching materials to the hair, and largely relies on more neoteric devices and more sophisticated handwork. In remy human hair extensions clip in you may not even need a specialist to assist you, as hair extensions remy are quite easily mounted with your own efforts.

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