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Rich & gorgeous black hair extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Clip-in extensions have been used since the ancient times – the history of this invention goes back to the times of Egyptian goddess of beauty Cleopatra. Today fashion and beauty specialists do not only pay close attention to creating images, but also focus on tiniest details. And this is where clip-in extensions can come in handy. Changing your hairstyle should not necessarily imply drastic changes – after all, you can always enhance your image. With clip-in extensions it could be a fairly easy task. However, for some reason, so many women give away the idea of playing with these accessories for no solid reason. So today we’ll consider the most widespread misconceptions and myths around clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions damage your own hair
The reasoning is oftentimes different: some say that clip-in extensions injure hair, others say that such frequent experiments result in hair falling out. But that has little to do with the reality. Metal clip-ins, which are mounted on the hair are quite tiny, covered by silicone coatings. That’s how the construction itself protects your hair from any unnatural impact. When dealing with with low quality products you indeed may damage your follicles or head skin with non-coated clip-ins. That’s why you should make a choice in favour of professional products: at Deluxe Extensions we offer a broad variety of blonde, brunette and black human hair extensions of second to none quality. However, if you don’t follow the recommendations, like taking off clip-ins before going to bed, you may also face the undesired problems. But in general the problems are way too exaggerated.

Blonde and black hair extensions don’t look natural
Well, this statement could be quite fair when it comes to artificial products – synthetic extensions can indeed look really cheaply. But if you put enough effort into selecting the right fit, either long black clip in hair extensions or short curly blonde clip-ins made of quality raw material, you will hardly notice the difference even when having a really close look. As long as the color and length suit your hairstyle, clip-in extensions will perfectly complement your look. If you have a rare color or experiment with paints, this is where clip-in extensions will not become a barrier – you can expect an identical reaction to coloring from them, similar to the reaction of your own hair. Clip-in extensions are attached to the roots of your hair, you fix them tightly, and they are ‘mixed’ harmoniously with your natural hair, lying on top. Thus, no one would find out the secret of your luxurious hair.

By making a choice in favour of professionals, you automatically protect yourself from any negative consequences. When buying clip-in products at Deluxe Extensions you get a 100% quality guarantee, as we work with the finest quality raw materials. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we refund the full amount of money within 15 days after the purchase, so even if you have picked a slightly different shade, there’s nothing to worry about – feel free to contact us and we’ll resolve this issue for you.

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