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The basics of storing your remy human hair extensions clip in

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Human remy hair extensions are wonderful beauty inventions: with the help of these hairpieces any woman can change her look in literally 5 minutes. Clip in remy human hair extensions are absolutely comfortable to wear, they behave to any styling procedures just like your own hair, they are reliable and more than just affordable, yet durable accessories. In this article we will focus on how to preserve the rich, natural look in hair barrette products – a few recommendations you would certainly want to follow.

Taking off the extension is as easy as attaching it to your hair. The only thing you need to be careful with is pulling of the strands in order not to confuse the long hair. After all, tangled hair this is not only the problem of your own hair, but hair extensions too. Do not pull the fastened strands without unbuttoning them beforehand. Going to bed with remy human hair extensions clip in is also not the best idea. Firstly, you are subjecting your own hair to extra local pressure by wearing clip ins; secondly, it decreases the lifespan of extensions and increases the chance you will have to go through the drudgery of untangling your hair in the morning. Finally, even the nicely-crafted clip lose their durability with the constant tension.

When you remove the false hair, make sure they are combed well. To do this you may want to use soothing spray for easy combing or any similar product. The very first rule of combing is to use similar cosmetics on ongoing basis and not experiment with brands and types very frequently. This will save the beauty of hair for years to come. Use a haircomb without scratching balls on denticles; avoid plastic combs, which tend to electrify your hair. Natural materials in the brush will contribute to the preservation of beauty of your own hair, as well as your extensions. Start from the tips and work your way to the roots, to avoid damaging the hair structure. It”s easier than you can imagine, just treat the overhead strands as it is your own hair.

Remember that false hair doesn’t get nutrients from the roots, it’s only source of the required vitamins and minerals is cosmetics products you use. Therefore, investing money in quality shampoos, balms and masks is always a reasonable way to go. However, this feature bears an extra advantage too: extended hair doesn’t get dirty as frequently your own hair does, as it is not attached to the sebaceous glands on scalp. Therefore, the overhead locks do not need to be washed too frequently. When washing your hair, by the way, you may use all the cosmetics you’ve got used to when treating your own hair.

To protect extensions from dust, store them in a closed case, but make sure that long hair is not tangled. If your the case for storing your extensions is too large, then make sure it is not going to be the reason for tangled hair.

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