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The best quality human hair extensions collection 2016 – 2017

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

The best hair clip extensions made of quality natural material can be used for a wealth of purposes, including hair coloring. Of course, we are not talking about the complete mind-blowing transformations from brunette to blonde, but coloring or highlighting effect using the strand can be achieved with ease. our Thus, to play with contrasts, you may want to use a few bright or contrasting strands (depending on what you have conceived) and attach it to your own hair. In the process of time you can paint the strand into some other color without drastically changing your image. Thus, without even exposing your own hair to harmful chemicals you can still change your looks as frequently as you like. At Deluxe Extensions the price for the hair extension kits starts from as low as $140, and the cost of individual strands is even lower.

The best human clip in hair extensions instantly turn Cinderella a princess – your imagination and creativity are, perhaps, the only limits of your style. And when you have several sets at your disposal, changing the appearance becomes even more easier – you can wear a beautiful ponytail of the same color with natural hair in everyday life, and switch to luxurious colored strands for a friday night out.

In addition, a huge advantage of best quality human hair extensions is that they can be subjected to any treatment as your own hair: dyeing, washing, curling, straightening and many more. When you shop at proven and reliable places, the risks of dealing with extensions that last less than 1 year are going through the floor.

When considering buying hair extensions, the first thing after the type itself you need to decide upon is the color and length. Normally you can choose from the lineup from 15” to as long as 35”, and if you are looking for something really special, you may want to get in touch with the manufacturer to discuss your ideas; and the fact should be underlined that a lot of production companies are willing to customize your order. The kits come with several strands of different length and resemble the natural hair growth direction; each strand is attached to the particular part of the head. Do not hesitate to request a consultation if you are struggling to select hair extensions to match your color.

At Deluxe Extensions we provide professional consultations to anyone who’s looking to get human hair extensions. And we guarantee finest quality of products too, as we focus on top quality Slavic hair raw material, from Eastern Europe, boasting impressive quality, suitable for almost all the hair types. This manufacturing direction was selected as a result of years of tests, experiments, statistics and gigantic investments, so we know what we do. We cherish our reputation and we are super-confident in the quality we offer. That’s why we have upgraded each order with 15-days refund policy – you can return the product with no questions from our side if you for some reason don’t like what you’ve got.

100% remy hair
clip in extentions

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