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The features of high quality clip in hair extensions under the microscope

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Clip-in extensions have started flowing to the beauty markets across the world quite recently, and almost immediately grown up with myths and misconceptions. Today we’ll take a closer look at how clip-in extensions actually work.

It is often believed that the using clip-in hair extensions significantly limits the choice of hairstyles. The arguments are similar, like clips on the sides can be frequently noticed, if, for example, you make a ponytail or braid high plaits. In fact you it is not necessary to fix the strands over the entire head. You can hide the clip-ins in the depths of hairstyles. So you’ll get a great length and volume of the complete and uniform look.

Another myth claims clip-in hair extensions require too much care. In reality, the most important rule you must follow is to provide the maximum hydration, as the cut hair no longer receives the required nutrients. Therefore, it is desirable to wash real hair clip-ins with a special shampoo and wear hydrating mask from time to time. Some place the clip ins in conditioned water for 30 minutes on a biweekly basis, which is also a reasonable direction. And that’s all the wisdom of taking care of clip-in products. With proper care good quality hair extensions will last for a minimum of one year if used frequently. The lifespan of high quality hair extensions could be increased even further, up to 2 years and even more if you use them just occasionally. ‘Hair barrette can fall off at the wrong time’ is another myth that has little to do with reality. Good quality clip in hair extensions come with metal pins coated in silicone material. When fitted properly, the risk it will fall is reaching zero.

Many people believe that you can actually buy quality hair and turn it into high quality clip in hair extensions. Well, theoretically it is possible, but in practice it is really difficult. In addition, it is difficult to calculate the load on each hairpin. At modern facilities quality clip in hair extensions are built with a lot of automated machinery in conjunction with quality manual labour. This is where a number of risks increases dramatically: poor transitions from your own hair to extensions strands, poorly constructed fittings that may slip and fall at the worst moment, extremely short lifespan… Well, the cheapest is the dearest.

Brunette barrette is suitable only for girls with straight hair. That’s one more myth that must not confuse you. Quality hair extensions are available in numerous designs and options, not limited only to the color palette and hair texture. Wavy hair may be more difficult to find, but the choice is still there. At Deluxe Extensions we offer a broad variety of wavy clip-in extensions of second to none quality. And as you can see, in fact there is no single good reason to refuse from the opportunity to make use of these great accessories.

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