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This is where you find the best hair extensions clip in

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Congrats, you have finally made your mind to buy clip-in hair extensions. So in order not to end up at a local forum or website complaining about the horrible experience, you should definitely do some homework on how to choose the product that will fit you perfectly.

1. Best hair extensions should have an optimal length. Remember, natural hair with clips looks good if your hair length is not less than 3 inches. The longer your hair is, the easier it will be to hide the transition from your own hair to the overhead strands. The best clip in hair extensions below the shoulder are typically 14 inches in length. For those who want to have long hair below the chest, 16 inches sets may work. In turn, 17 inches products will go to the waist and 19+ inches and longer will go straight around to the thigh. This ratio is indicated for the growth of 170cm. If you increase more or less than, respectively, the figures will vary slightly.

2. Best human hair extensions are perfectly selected from the volume standpoint. Keep in mind that hair set that weighs 60+ grams is not suitable for use in a single instance. It is designed only to add thickness, but not for the lengths. Hair sets of 100-120 grams are suitable for those who have their hair of medium thickness with a well-shaped tips. If your hair is quite thick, then the best human hair extensions would be those of 140 – 180 grams. This is to ensure that the overhead hair length did not look watery compared to the cap of your hair. Take into account that 120 grams is enough for 14 inches, but not enough for 19 inches, since a significant part of the weight would not be in the scope and length.

3. The best hair extensions are matched to your own color perfectly. The color should be selected basing on the shade of your tips, because the tips should blend with the color – this is where the poorly selected color could be make the transition quite noticeable. If you find it hard to choose the right color, you can get in touch with Deluxe Extensions specialists via the contacts (the link is available at the bottom of the website) – we’ll do our best to make the most accurate selection.

4. Best quality hair extensions need a perfect number of strands. How many strands do you need? This is where things are very individual, although you should consider the number of strands basing on your color texture, volume and the particular desires on what you are trying to achieve. You should consider hair weight from balance point of view, since the weight of 100 grams can look good with 4 strands, but it may look even better with 8 pieces. It depends on how much hair volume you’d like to have with 1 clip. The less strands you use in your combs, the faster it will wear off.

5. The best hair extension products are produced with companies with names. And Deluxe Extensions is, perhaps, the best hair extensions clip in manufacturer, with thousands of top reviews, years of experience, high-end technologies and far-going ambitions.

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