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Top selection of 100 human hair clip in extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Long beautiful hair will always attract the eye and look amazing. However, in order to grow it, you will have no other option but to torture yourself with so many care procedures. Fortunately, when it comes to quick results you can always make use of clip-in extensions. And luckily, the selection is huge, as the fashion industry keeps on pleasing the customers with beautiful natural strands.

Natural curls look much more natural and are way more manageable; they are easier to style and color and virtually indistinguishable from your own hair. Artificial alternatives are way more difficult to select as for the tone and shade, they require way more care and cleaning, and their lifespan is significantly shorter. Despite these drawbacks, synthetic strands have one significant advantage – even the most expensive artificial clip-ins will cost less than 100 human hair extensions. However, If you are determined to do hair daily or looking to press for a really expensive look with almost zero chances to get your secret noticed.

If we compare clip-ins with accrued toupees, the first option will be much more attractive from many angles. Often when attaching extensions with so-called ‘hot’ techniques a variety of chemicals is used that can damage the structure of hair follicles. In this regard overhead strands are absolutely safe, not only fixation causes no discomfort, you can wear it safely and combine it with numerous styles and create gorgeous looks. And yes, 100 human hair clip in extensions are perfect for everyday wear. After a short adaptation time, you can quickly and easily fix them and take ‘em off.

Once you get accustomed to an extra weight in the hair, you can start experimenting with your hairstyles. To do this, you can make use of all kinds of irons, stylers and styling products, including even paints. Decent quality extensions can be subjected to 180ºC temperature, which should be more than enough to have the comb of any complexity.

Taking care of your new image is no way near comparable to the one you would have when growing your own hair. Nevertheless, you would definitely want to follow some rules to prolong the lifespan of your extensions and keep on looking super attractive as you wear it. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit pool, as chlorinated water doesn’t affect the extensions in the best way, and the extensions of course are not naturally regenerated. In open waters you can swim or visit sauna, although taking extra care by wearing a cap and gathering your hair in a tail could be really useful. Before going to bed you should better take off the strands because of the damage risks, plus they can tangle heavily. If this situation can not be avoided, it is best to braid your hair in a tail. For most women, sleeping with extensions usually does not cause discomfort, but there are cases where this might lead to headaches and feelings of fatigue.

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