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What should you expect from real human hair clip in extensions?

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Hair extensions become the favourite accessory among so many girls and ladies looking to boost the volume or increase the length, but have no desire to plunge into tiresome, prolonged hair growth. Clip in extensions represent an excellent alternative to hot and cold attached extensions, and unlike this type of hair, they create less stress on the roots and don’t damage your own hair, not to mention that it’s a way more affordable solution.

The most important thing when choosing overhead strands is selecting the right color, as close as possible to the natural one. The strands may also be made from artificial and natural materials. Artificial products cost less, but don’t last long and often give away your secret as achieving a perfect transition from your own hair to the artificial one is an extremely complicated task. If you are hungry for experiments, and plan to curl your hair, straighten it or even paint, this is where remy extensions are your only available option. Artificial cannot withstand excessively high temperatures and typically cannot sustain the aggressiveness of color paints.

When considering natural hair extension models, pay attention to the quality of the hair itself and check the raw material it is made of. At Deluxe Extensions we bet on quality and durability, that’s why we deal only with premium quality russian hair raw materials. In the process of time we realized that the ‘quality direction’ is the only reasonable way that drives customer satisfaction, allowing to develop the business further at the same time. You can get real hair extensions with no risks of wasting your money – we refund every order without any questions within 15 days after the purchase.

If necessary, real human hair clip in extensions hair should be washed. It is desirable to use a special shampoo for postiger products or any nutritional or hydrating shampoo. Wash the extensions in warm (not hot) water, up to 35°. It is best to wash the hair in the washbowl and leave your hair for 10-15 minutes as it is without rubbing, then just rinse with water once the time has passed.

At the factory the hair is usually treated with a special tool, which makes them smooth, soft and manageable. With frequent washing the the factory coating is washed away and the hair becomes haggish. You may want to apply silicone to your extension to make it silky and gentle to the touch again. To do this, you can use any smoothing balm: a small amount of it is applied to the hair, so it will make it more smooth and manageable, and removes fluffiness. Once the extension is washed and dry, comb it gently, starting from the tips and holding the hair at the clip in base. If necessary, you can use the spray to deal with tangled hair. Since, hair extensions do not get the required nutrients, feeding them artificially is required, so it doesn’t become dry and brittle. Therefore, you need to apply a hydrating mask to hair extensions real hair clip in for 30-60 minutes at least once a month if you wear the extensions regularly.

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