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What you should know about braided hair extensions

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Perhaps, almost every girl keeping up with the latest fashion trends dreams of beautiful hair: the admiring glances from men and the sighs of admiration from girlfriends, that’s what so many ladies want. And according to the modern canons of beauty long, thick hair in young damsels is almost an integral part of the image.

But what shall one do when nature didn’t endow her with rich, chic hair? Modern beauty industry offers a number of ways to solve this problem. And this is where taking advantage of straight or braided hair extensions stands out of the crowd.

As modern women are facing the tough challenges of lengthening their hair or boosting their volume, the industry of clip-in extensions is booming. Yes, hair extensions have been very popular a few years ago, but today less and less people are willing to make use of this method. The fact is that the hair extensions require constant adjustment and a lot of care, plus you are always risking to damage your head skin hair or follicles. Human hair for braiding in clip-in extensions is deprived of the risks above, it is way more comfortable to wear and adjust, and it’s much more cheaper against the background of constant beauty salon visits.

When choosing a hair barrette, we strongly advise you to give preference to products from trusted companies. Human hair braids by Deluxe Extensions easily withstand multiple staining and perfectly complement your own hair – when selected carefully, the transition from your hair to clip-in extensions. In addition, high-quality hair clips hair reacts naturally to ironing, curling and styling.

We offer an extensive collection of human braiding hair: from single strands to professional kits that come in a variety of colors and sizes. To guarantee an outstanding look, you should decide upon the length of hair extensions braids, their shade and structure. Taking this into account, considering the option of a full fledged set is a more practical solution. So, there are clips which are specially selected for the temporal and occipital areas. As a result, that’s the easiest way to imitate the natural chic curls.

If you buy hair clips hair for the first time, do not hesitate to ask any questions before the purchase and after it. At Deluxe Extensions we are always willing to help, so feel free to get in touch with us. The first time you attach clip-in hair extensions may not be super fast, so it’s a reasonable idea to have an assistant nearby. As soon as you fix the extensions firmly, there’s nothing to worry about: the risk that they will slip-in or fall is excluded. To prolong the life of your clip-in extensions, you should better take them off at bedtime and refrain from wearing them when visiting a pool or steamy sauna. If you wear your clip-in extensions carefully, you can count on at least one year of life span, and if you wear curls just occasionally, you can count on 2 years of trouble-free use.

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