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Where to get human hair extensions online?

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Rich beautiful hair is a an asset almost every woman is dreaming about. Unfortunately, nature is not willing to reward every woman with thick, manageable hair. In some cases, it is too sparse, in others it grows very slowly. Wearing an attractive comb is oftentimes an integral attribute of vital events, while for some it is a daily demand. And visiting a stylist on a regular basis may not be an option for so many reasons.

That’s why so many women often resort to hair extensions. Having the curls of perfect length, which are simply indistinguishable from natural, that’s a perfect way to have the hair of your dream. And even despite a few drawbacks, it is still one of the most popular ways to easily achieve something you are after – whether it is a comb that is a part daily image or a special occasion you are looking to be irresistible at.

Clip-in hair extensions feature a number of strong advantages, such as:
– discreet mounting;
– creating long curls, even on short hair;
– creating volume in the sparse hair;
– they can be colored and curled.

Clip-in hair extensions can be natural or artificial, which are much cheaper. Hair extensions prices for artificial products could be 10 times lower than remy ones, but their lifespan is so often limited to a couple of events, not to mention their cheap look. The price of natural hair extensions depends on the length and texture: great lengths hair extensions price typically starts from $140 and largely defined by the modification and manufacturer.

It is absolutely essential to choose overhead locks that match the color of your hair. They are usually mounted on special clips that match their color and are almost invisible. You can fix clip-in extensions easily and securely in the comfort of your home. The set of strands come in different widths – and that’s another crucial parameter. Experts advise to fix them starting with broad with 3-4 clips, and in the temporal part finish the fixture with a single clip. Before even placing an order, determine how many strands you need, think over the length and think over how they can be distributed on the head.

Start from the back mount. Separate a part of the hair with horizontal parting, clip the top layer, so it doesn’t interfere the fixture. Attach a pin, threading through the hair clip and holding your fingers, snapping the clip. The biggest strand is attached to the ear level. If the hair is sparse, artificial strands is not necessary to mount above the temporal areas, as it can look unnatural and will be visible clips.

Clip-in extensions should be washed with shampoo and warm water. You may want to add a little shampoo into the water, stir it and put the extension for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it with clean water, and apply a balm for a couple of minutes. After this wash it twice, first with warm and then with tepid water.

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