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Wondering where to buy real hair extensions of top quality? Here’s the answer.

Posted by Vanessa Evans in Lifestyle & Beauty

Natural hair extensions could become the most favourite accessories for any women. Keeping up with the latest trends and experimenting with brand-new combs is becoming really easy with clip in hair extensions real hair. Having real hair extensions in your arsenal of accessories doesn’t mean you can only make use of it once in a blue moon. Remy hair extensions are absolutely eary to wear, wash and store, and with all the necessary care you can count on the minimum of 1 year lifespan in any quality product. Real hair extensions prices are going through the floor as more and more manufacturers are grinding away to satisfy the growing demand. So if you are looking to play around with new looks or even completely change your style, real hair extensions could be the right tools to help you out.

Wondering where to buy real hair extensions? You’ve just landed at the right place. At Deluxe Extensions we offer a broad variety of top notch quality strands and kits that can be used for virtually any type of comb and style. With 10+ years of experience in business we bet on the highest quality materials only, and a decade of experiments shows that russian raw material leaves no room for competition. Silky, thick and gentle to the touch hair that easily withstands temperature loads and all the known externalities has confirmed its bestselling reputation. As the manufacturer, distributor and seller we control all the production processes, and we manually select all the raw materials. That’s why we are always 100% confident in the quality we serve, and that’s why all the products come with a 15 days full-refund guarantee. We ask no questions when you return the product, so you can be sure that you will never waste your money.

The price range for our lineup of products starts from as low as $140, which is roughly 15 – 25% cheaper than at our major competitors. Of course, the price of remy hair extensions is way higher than that in artificial extensions, but reliability and durability of synthetic products leaves much to be desired. Thus, the lifespan of artificial extensions is 12 – 16 times lower than that in natural strands and kits. Moreover, you cannot subject artificial wefts to excessively high temperatures or paint them, and therefore you are have a quite limited field for experimenting.

At Deluxe Extensions we guarantee second to none customer service and premium quality of products. Got questions on how to make the right choice or having problems with attaching the strands? We are always there to assist you via email and phone. We do our best to process all the inquiries within 24 hours (yet normally it takes up to several hours or even minutes). You can always count on professional advice and support. We provide moneyback for all the orders within 15 days and ship worldwide. Looking for something really special? We can customize your order to your needs. Get in touch with us to check if there anything we can do extra to keep you satisfied.

100% remy hair
clip in extentions

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